About the Book

Still With Us is a heartbreaking and at-times horrific account of one boy’s flight from terror during the 1996 war in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Forced to become a father to his two younger siblings and mainstay for other lost children, Msenwa Oliver Mweneake gives his eyewitness account of the carnage of war, including indiscriminate mass murder and rape. He survived the dehumanizing effects of living with tens of thousands in UNHCR refugee camps, battled desperately against gov­ernmental and NGO bureaucracy and almost lost hope.

Despite the atrocious injustices of war, Msenwa never lost his faith, believing his life was preserved for a higher purpose. His story awakens hope after despair and inspires good after evil. The revealing of this un­told story dispels apathy and stimulates engagement in positive change for the countless who still suffer in his homeland and refugee camps. Proceeds from this book are dedicated to empower Congolese.