Nyarugusu Camp Voices

I still remember the five years I lived in Nyarugusu refugee camp in Kigoma, Tanzania like it was yesterday. This camp, located about 150 kms from Lake Tanganyika in Kigoma province, Tanzania, was established in 1996 when war broke out in the neighbouring country of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Over 150,000 people from eastern DR Congo crossed Lake Tanganyika to escape the political and ethnic violence. Nearly years later, Nyarugusu is still home to 120,000 people, who cannot return to DR Congo due to sustained war and instability.

My wife and I created the Nyarugusu Camp Voices blog in 2014 upon the return from our visit to Nyarugusu, where my family still lives. The blog aims to bring awareness to the continuous and urgent state of crisis that Nyarugusu residents face every day.  It also seeks to create a platform for Nyarugusu refugees to voice their needs, hopes for the future, and remind the world of their everyday struggles.

Many parents and young people in Nyarugusu camp strongly believe that education is crucial to their future outside the camp. Successful high school graduates desire to study university or college outside the camp, a goal which is clearly attainable through educational sponsorship. Among other purposes, this blog seeks to connect with individuals and groups who want to partner with Nyarugusu refugees to improve their lives.

Partnerships with organizations including The Msenwa Foundation are underway to provide educational sponsorship to high school graduates.

Visit www.nyarugusucampvoices.com or www.themsenwafoundation.com to get involved.